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The Mia Mia Aboriginal Arts Precinct is more than just a Gallery - It’s an Aboriginal Learning Centre.


The philosophy of the Mia Mia Gallery is to express, through the arts, the richness and unique diversity of aboriginal culture from all across Australia and the Torres Straits Islands.

Visitors to Mia Mia can share and discover how artists’ works and performances preserve, enhance and pass on the message of a proud culture to the next generation of today’s aboriginal people, the wider multi-cultural Australian population and international guests and visitors. We can personally guarantee that your experience will be an enriching one.

For 15 years we’ve been located in the Manor, overlooking the Parks Victoria’s natural bush gem -Westerfolds Park, in the heart of the Heidelberg Valley of the Arts.  A social enterprise of the Aboriginal Artists Development Fund Inc., a not-for-profit organisation committed to returning revenue back to aboriginal artists and communities from where the works have been sourced.


We are proud to offer…

  • Fine Art Sales
  • Contemporary & Traditional Paintings
  • Weekend Performances by dancers, musicians, artists
  • Gallery Tours
  • Artifacts & Souvenirs
  • Educational Programs for Schools, TAFE & Universities
  • Limited Edition Semigraphs (quality prints) on canvas
  • Changing performers and artists in residence programs
  • Boomerang Throwing
  • Guided Bush Tours & harvesting techniques.
  • Investment portfolios.

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All this and we’re only 22 minutes from the Melbourne CBD !